Acrotatus (262 adC) fue rey de Esparta desde 265 adC hasta 262 adC. 265 adC

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  • Acrotatus II — Acrotatus (d.262 BC) was King of Sparta from 265 to 262 BC. He was the son of Areus I, and grandson of Acrotatus I.He had unlawful intercourse with Chelidonis, the young wife of Cleonymus, uncle of his father Areus. It was this, together with the …   Wikipedia

  • Acrotatus — can refer to one of two related people in ancient Greek history:*Acrotatus I, the son of Spartan king Cleomenes II *Acrotatus II, grandson of the above. Succeeded Areus I as king of Sparta …   Wikipedia

  • Acrotatus I — (Gr. polytonic|Ακρότατος) was the son of Cleomenes II, king of Sparta. He incurred the displea­sure of a large party at Sparta by opposing the de­cree which was to release from infamy all who had fled from the battle in which Antipater defeated… …   Wikipedia

  • ACROTATUS — fil. Cleomenis. Regis Spartanorum, ante parrem obiir. Quô defunctô fil. eius Areus suffectus, quod Cleonymus, Acrotati frater, aegerrime ferens. Pyrrhum in Laconicam vocavit. Hic Areus filium, patri cognominem, reliquit succellorem. Pausan. l. 3 …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • ACROTATUS Arei — fil. prioris nepos, cuius amore deperiens, Chelidonis, uxor Cleonymi, patris Arei, acerbas amauti marito iuxtaque infames praebuit nuptias: neque enim civem latebat ullum ab uxore eum fastidiri, ita cum ad publicam domestica accessisser aegritudo …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • List of ancient Greeks — This an alphabetical list of ancient Greeks. These include ethnic Greeks and Greek language speakers from Greece and the Mediterranean world up to about 200 AD. compactTOCRelated articles NOTOC A*Acacius of Caesarea bishop of Caesarea… …   Wikipedia

  • Cleomenes II — (died 309 BC) was Agiad King of Sparta from 369 to 309 BC. The son of Cleombrotus I, he succeeded his brother Agesipolis II. He was the father of Acrotatus I, the father of Areus I, and of Cleonymus, the father of Leonidas II. Preceded by… …   Wikipedia

  • ADULTÈRE —     Nous ne devons point cette expression aux Grecs. Ils appelaient l adultère [Grec], dont les Latins ont fait leur moechus, que nous n avons point francisé. Nous ne la devons ni à la langue syriaque ni à l hébraïque, jargon du syriaque, qui… …   Dictionnaire philosophique de Voltaire

  • Menelaus — For other uses, see Menelaus (disambiguation). Menelaus In Greek mythology, Menelaus (Ancient Greek: Μενέλαος, Menelaos) was a legendary king of Mycenaean (pre Dorian) Sparta, the husband of Helen of Troy, and a central figure in the Trojan War …   Wikipedia

  • 265 BC — NOTOC EventsBy placeGreece* Although the Egyptian fleet blockades the Saronic Gulf, the Macedonian King Antigonus II defeats the Spartans and kills the King of Sparta, Areus I near Corinth, after which he besieges Athens. * Acrotatus II succeeds… …   Wikipedia

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